About the Japanese Association of World Law
    The Japanese Association of World Law (JAWL) was established in 1976 with the aim of conducting research and engaging in related activities concerning world law and a world federation. Its precursor, the Study Group on World Law, commenced its activities in 1965 amidst the post-war movement advocating for the establishment of a world government or federation in the era marked by the advent of atomic weaponry. The late professor TABATA Shigejiro, who published “The Idea of World Government [Sekaiseifu no Shiso]” in 1950, served as the first president of JAWL. Since its establishment, JAWL has annually organized conferences and published “The Yearbook of World Law [Sekaiho Nenpo]”.

Yearbook of World Law

Volume Date Table of Contents Summary of Articles
Vol. 43 March 2024 PDF Obiora Chinedu Okafor, "A Pathway to World Law? International Solidarity as Key to Overcoming our Current Global Crises"
Vol. 42 March 2023 PDF
Vol. 41 March 2022 PDF
Vols.31-40 2012-2021 PDF
Vols.21-30 2002-2011 PDF
Vols.6-20 1991-2001 PDF